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IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75″


The IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch is a state-of-the-art digital display that provides vibrant, crystal-clear visuals in an immersive, 75-inch format. The screen is composed of an IPS LED panel, which ensures accurate and consistent color representation from any angle. With a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K UHD), the IWC Touch Panel provides sharp and detailed images, making it ideal for high-definition multimedia presentations and collaborative work sessions.

One of the key features of the IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch is its responsive touch technology, which recognizes up to 20 simultaneous touch points. The touch-enabled surface makes it easy to interact with content in real-time, allowing for seamless collaboration and engagement. This feature is particularly beneficial for educational environments, where teachers can utilize interactive whiteboard software to create engaging and dynamic lessons.

In addition to its touch capabilities, the IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch also comes equipped with an integrated Android operating system. This provides access to a wide range of Android applications, including productivity tools, multimedia software, and educational resources. The IWB Touch Panel also includes built-in wireless connectivity, which makes it easy to connect to the internet or access files directly from a cloud-based storage service.

One of the standout features of the IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch is its advanced gesture recognition technology. This feature allows users to interact with content using simple hand gestures, providing a natural and intuitive user experience. For example, a user can pinch to zoom in on a specific area of a document or presentation or use a swipe gesture to navigate through pages or screens.

Another key benefit of the IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch is its seamless integration with video conferencing software. The device includes a high-quality, built-in camera and microphone, and supports popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. This makes the IWB Touch Panel an ideal choice for remote collaboration and communication, allowing participants to engage in virtual meetings or webinars from any location.

The IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch also includes a number of advanced display functions, such as anti-glare technology, automatic brightness adjustment, and low blue light emission. These features ensure that the display is comfortable to view in any lighting condition and reduces eye strain, making it ideal for extended use.

For those looking for a streamlined, efficient workflow, the IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch also has the ability to connect to an external computer or laptop. With the included HDMI, USB, VGA, and DisplayPort inputs, users can easily connect any device to the IWB Touch Flat Panel. In addition, remote management software allows users to monitor and manage multiple displays from a central location, making it an ideal choice for educational or corporate environments.

The IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch is designed with both durability and security in mind. It features a hard glass surface that is scratch-resistant and resistant to impact and provides protection against static electricity, making it an ideal choice for busy educational or corporate environments. In terms of security, the IWB Touch Panel includes a range of security features like a password lock and system lock, ensuring that sensitive data stays secure.

In terms of aesthetics, the IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch is simple and elegant, with a slim, modern frame that blends easily into any environment. The device has a sleek, white finish and a minimalist design, making it ideal for modern classrooms or boardrooms. The IWB Touch Panel also comes with a comprehensive warranty and support package, providing customers with peace of mind and ensuring that their investment is protected.

In summary, the IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75 inch is a high-quality, state-of-the-art digital display that provides an engaging, intuitive user experience. Whether you’re using it for educational purposes or for corporate use, the IWB Touch Panel is a powerful tool that makes collaboration easy, seamless, and effective. Its sleek design, advanced touch technology, and expansive connectivity options make it an ideal choice for modern classrooms, boardrooms, and collaborative workspaces.



​​Ⅰ. Description Of  Interactive Flat Panel

Multimedia teaching/conference all-in-one adopts advanced Multi touch interactive technology, It is a Multi function man-machine interactive terminal which uses the screen touch operation, Integrated interactive whiteboard, Tablet, Audio, computer, Internet multimedia playback and other functions.

Ⅱ. Our Advantage

3840x2160 UHD Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard For Meeting Room 0

1. All in one:computer, whiteboard, projector,  speaker, advertising machine,multifunction in one equipment.
2. Support 10 points IR touch ( 20 points touch option):Adopt super sensitive touch panel, increase the touch accuracy, and it can stand more than 35 million time secure touch without any uncontrolled space. Touch easily and control perfectly.
3. 1920*1080 FHD / 3840*2160 UHD resolution: high definition LED screen,A+ grade 1.07B colour original panel, AWB TECH, suit for universal application scenarios.
4. 4mm explosion-proof tempered glass: 4mm Ultra-Thin rating 7 glass can protect screen effectively.
5. Infrared touch screen with aluminum plate, small heat, fast heat dissipation, which can effectively extend the life of panel.
6. Dual core processor : windows and android dual system built-in design. Both systems can achieve whiteboard writing and multimedia playing.
7. Fast response speed: 0.8ms fluent writing and demonstration. More convenient courseware management. Accurate, fast touch, no delay.
8. Intelligent operation: Freely write, annotate and screen shot. Automatically recognize input channel. Intelligent eye protection. Light sensor with automatic brightness control. Energy save & intelligent awake.
9. Intelligent writing & Touch control: the writing function interface can realize the functions of writing, magnifying, shrinking, erasing, dragging, and the like.
10. Screen-mirroring with android phone, iphone, ipad, computer,etc.
11. Supporting connecting WIFI and sharing hot spots at the same time. Comes with double WIFI, common module and dual frequency. 5G signal high-speed access, while sharing hot spots.

3840x2160 UHD Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard For Meeting Room 1

Ⅲ.  Details

3840x2160 UHD Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard For Meeting Room 23840x2160 UHD Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard For Meeting Room 3

Ⅳ. Specification

Screen size 32’’/42’’/50’’/55’’/60’’/65’’/70’’/75’’/86’’/98’’
CPU intel i3; (intel i5/i7 option)
RAM 4GB RAM; (8GB/16GB option)
Memory 120GB SSD;(240GB SSD/1TB HDD option)
Windows OS Windows 7/10 without license( license option)
(Android OS option) MSD 648 Quad core
Android Android 6.0
Touch Technology Infrared touch
Touch points 10/20 points
Input way finger touch,pen,or any opaque object
Touch life times Over 60,000,000 times
Touch response speed 8ms
Display Type LED
Resolution 1920*1080 FHD (3840*2160 UHD option)
Brightness 400(cd/m2)
Ratio of display 16:09
Best viewing angle up:89 down:89; left:89 right:89
Max. viewing angle 178°
Contrast ratio 5000:1TYP
Glass type 4mm tempered glass
Glass transmittance 95%
Front Buttons:
PC power button*1;Volume up*1;Volume down *1;Memu*1;Power on/off*1
Front ports:
HDMI*1;Touch out*1;MV in*1;USB2.0*3
Back ports(Ⅰ):
USB2.0 type B*1;USB2.0*2;HDMI*1;VGA*1
Back ports(Ⅱ):(Exact ports info. depends on the model of OPS PC)
Power of display 178W
Colors 16.7M
Life time 60,000h
Working voltage 50-60HZ 100-250V
Standby power 3W
Working temperature 0~45℃
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Working humidity 5%-90%
Power of speaker 8Ω10W*2
Frame material Alloy
Accessories Wall bracket/movable floor stand/pen/remote control/WIFI antenna
Warranty 12 months
Package 3cm thickness Honeycomb box

3840x2160 UHD Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard For Meeting Room 4

Ⅴ. Application
Company Meeting, Training Course, Family Entertainment, Work Discussion, Teaching Infants, Video Conference, Commercial Display, Multi-Person Conference, Product Description, Show Demonstration, Medical Consultation, Production Projection, Media Broadcast, Corporate Presentation, Exhibition Center, Speech, Etc.

Ⅵ. Accessories



Wall Mounted bracker *1
Write Pen *1
Pointer *1
Remote control *1
User Manual *1

3840x2160 UHD Touch Screen Interactive Whiteboard For Meeting Room 5

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IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75″
IWB Touch Interactive Flat Panel 75″


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